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A flash course by FreedomDownloads



Welcome to your first Breakthrough. 

Let's bust some myths before we commence. It will set the starting point with radical clarity. It will show you if and how this flash course is designed to serve you, or it will tell you if it's not for you. 


(Welcome to the FIRST BREAKTHROUGH flash online course. To start Freedom Downloads we asked ourselves one question. How can we deliver people that have the drive to get to their next breakthrough in awareness or creation, the most value? Quick and effective.

And that is how this flash online course came into existence. )


There are so many myths all around us. 'Information is power', many rush to say. And so that may be true in the stock exchange world, but it does have little power in the world of human transformation. 


We don't believe in just giving you some great information. We know from our own experience that just information is not enough. Think of other sayings like 'Just start'. Just think about on how much of the great Information that you have come across so far did you actually take action on? Maybe 5% or even less? Information, action, just start. But wait, we also have GOALS. And still we have millions of people that are not thriving and not taking action. How's so?

We know that it takes more to get to a breakthrough:

0. It takes restructuring of INFORMATION that has been mistakenly inserted through behavior and thought patterns in our precious lives. It takes sorting out what's relevant and what is spam or manipulation in the information that we consume.


1. IT TAKES ACTION! That is what many people understand. What does it take though to feel so joyful that action springs out of your state of being just like breathing. Eventually it takes more than ACTION.


2. It takes AWARENESS. Before action, it takes awareness to feel so joyful, that you suddenly see a... 

World of possibility. 

Still, there are those who see worlds of possibility and still don't flow through life with ease and delightful aliveness. We've seen so many times that happens because:


3. It takes radical CLARITY to navigate the world of possibility.

How can we then crack the codes of clarity? And why is the world of possibility of such primary importance? And how is the action the result of having decoded all the other keys?

This is exactly what this course is about. It's made very simple and understandable.  We kept it short (around 2 hours) so that everyone has the chance to do it. Through asking the right questions we will get you to clarity and a new understanding. With one of our very successful and unique coaching tools called PLANET MURA you will guide yourself to discover deeper parts of your calling. Or if you are not sure about jet, well make so that you get it. 

Together with your printable ACTION-SHEET you will then be able to fully focus and achieve your breakthrough and the Vision/Goal that you set yourself.

Important information:

We highly recommend that you do this course from a state of blissfulness and joy. Important decisions like your goal or vision should not be made from state where you are under pressure or stressed. Please take your time. You could start with a meditation or even just pick another time and set an alarm to remember.

Like this you will get the best results. Enjoy.