Start at Point Zero


They say the universe is a giant mirroring effect.

Hi, this is Ana and Chris, and if you are anything like us, you probably want to have meaning in your life, you want to feel alive beyond the regular norms, you want to create something extraordinary, or create and create and create some more, you love something about this planet, and you're even secretly interested in challenging the status-quo in the world.

We definitely love challenging the status-quo. And we'd love to share with you unique views on living life on your own terms, breaking free from traps of our modern society, and creating from a deep meaningful joyful awareness.

There are too many traps in the process of making money, and creating, planing and working  toward the goal of creating a business that makes profits. Countless people born-to-be-entrepreneurs never create a business because of those traps. Many souls born to liberate perspectives here on this planet, on the contrary don't follow their path of joy, because they want to stay in their entrepreneurship roles, and they dive deeper into the trap of making money and business.

This is in no way a general rule that match all people in our society, and if you are not one of the people struggling with some of these concepts, then you probably are in a very lucky category. According to researchers, x% of the people in a job are dissatisfied with the word they do.   

We value the search of humanity for prosperity and the happy life, but more than that, we are thirsty for meeting, connecting and talking to you about aliveness and the fundamental and essential impulse that life has is all of us: to create.

We love to talk about the happy life and prosperity, but beyond that, we would like to invite you into the pure awareness of your being, and contemplate from there the different traps that are perhaps NOT the creators of that happy life.

We would love to invite you into an exploration that can bring you more clarity about your path, more focus on your life purpose, and more unconditionally springing out of your awareness pure delightful joy of being.

We say: before creating, manifesting, or even just reacting to what is in your life, how about we delve deeper into understanding this mirroring effect?

How about we take a look to what treasures lay inside your inner world? How about we take a closer look at what imbalances are projected in your outer world? And more important, how about we do that starting at point zero?

We would love to share with you our dear journey into our inner world and the mysteries that we have discovered. Chances are that if you are a human being that strives to life to the fullest, make sense of the world and create, you will our ideas very provocative and deeply meaningful and practical.

We would love to inspire you, and we would love to help bless your life with new fresh perspective, but if you just consume these stories for curiosity and have no need of transformation or inspiration, do know that we would first and for most love to share all this with you, because this is what makes us live and breath aliveness.