Action 3.1

Write down your Goal/Vision from section one in a few words (If you have some you didn´t mention yet also write them down.)


Action 3.2

Write down up to 10 persons to whom one or more of the following points apply:


  • This person encourages you in doing something new with positivity or actual help threw conversation or resources.

  • This person is someone that you have interesting and deep conversations with that have helped you or still do to think differently and come up with new ideas

  • This person is overall very positive and gives you more positivity then they judge or criticise you

  • After you meet this person you feel great and recharged

  • This person brings you Happiness and Joy into your life






Action 3.2

Just by doing this exercise you will already focus more on these people instead of the people that bring a lot of doubt, criticism and negativity into your life. To make it actionable we want you to write down one thing that you can do, for each of the persons to deepen the relationship with them and spend more time. This can be as easy as: Call Marie on Sunday.





Obviously this need some continuation and you should continue this to see bigger changes. You will be amazed by how much this can already change your life and get you to a breakthrough.


Did you write down your GoalMap in your ActionSheet?

Writing this down will not only help you to memorize it, this is very important for you take the most value out of this course.