Now we are going to use a simple but very effective strategy to get you actually to that Goal you set yourself. And because we don´t want to end up like Galileo in America although he intend to go to India, you are going to need a proper map for this.

This is your Goal Map. The last part was about the what and now we are going into the how. But first let us address what you might think is holding you back.

I don´t know how

So this is really not about you having to know everything. You just have to know how to help yourself, ask a friend, hire an expert use google or whatever. So if you are not clear about how to do a step or even what step would be the right one then just try to think of where you could get help or the right information. Anyone can do this, even if you have to ask someone to help you find someone that can help.

But I can´t

And here is the beauty of it. Often people get stuck at some part and say just to take this as an example; yeah well how could I become a writer, I suck at grammar. Well you don't have to do everything. If it is just one part that really excites you and you want to do you can get someone else do the other stuff.

If it is something bigger like starting your own company, you should team up with people that are complementary to you and love, enjoy and are good at what you are not at. For other things you can ask friends, family or whom ever comes to your mind. And this even goes for people that might not be able to help you but might actually know someone that can. Asking people is underestimated by many. So go and do it!

If the first options don't work you should most likely go and hire someone to do the Job. There are many possibilities of hiring someone for a one time job.

At FreedomDownloads we used someone to put our logo into a photoshop file and give it a professional touch. Because we love to come up with the idea and do the first design, but we are bad at Photoshop.

Now if you think hiring someone is expensive, it is actually not at all. We used Fiverr to find someone with the right Skills. And there you can get a custom logo for as cheap as 5€. Because people from all around the World offer their expertise and skills there, so it can be very affordable but also offers premium if you are looking for more. You can actually find someone to almost any job you could think of, if you are interested click this link here.

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The last option for this is that you learn the skill or task and do it yourself until you find someone to do it or until you can afford to pay someone to do it. With the overload of free information out in the web this should be a doable task, as long as you are serious about reaching that goal.











Action 3.1

Break down your goal into 3 to 5 steps. Not more and not less.


Action 3.2

Now take each of these steps and break them down into even smaller steps. Repeat this process until you boil down each step into a task.




You should end up with a step by step program. If you not sure about steps some steps you can leave blank spaces until you found out what do at that point/step.

In the end you should have a number of tasks that are as small as: Call Paul and ask him if he can help me with creating a website.

If you should actually be at the step of creating or trying to find an easier website solution we have another great recommendation for you, that we currently use. If not you can jump over this paragraph.

For us the biggest game changer was to switch from WordPress to WIX. WIX is a Website Builder that gives you almost endless possibilities. What we love so much about it that it is compared to WordPress easy to learn and use because it is very intuitive.  The possibilities are endless and you can include Apps and stuff from other companies. People even build something like their own Social Networks with it.
Definitely consider checking it out, we use them for every Website.

And if you do so consider doing it through our link to support our work, because we get a commission for every one that buys a plan through our link. Click here.

Optional Action

You can and should update this GoalMap. Review it frequently and tick of the points. You an also set yourself a time frame and an exact layout of when you complete a ste task. This can help you to keep on track and time. If you really want to take this to the next level draw a picture or your current situation and then your desired state. Like this your right and left brain brain will be involved and it will make your goal much more clear to you. Just think of those awefull PowerPoint presentations with a bunch of text in it and no pictures or illustrations. And then compare to some of those very powerfull and compelling ones (exp. Steve Jobs presenting the first Iphone).

Did you write down your GoalMap in your ActionSheet?

Writing this down will not only help you to memorize it, this is very important for you take the most value out of this course.