Exercise: See, feel, receive a beam of light coming into your crown chakra and from there down to your heart
space, into the root chakra and going laser focused right into the center of the earth, merging with the love of
mother earth, jumping right back into your heart space and from there on, expand, expand, expand, 360
degrees around you, bigger and bigger, until you integrate the whole being that is YOU, until you merge your
energy with Source energy.
This should take you about one to three minutes. If you don’t feel anything, no worries. The single intention
and decision to expand your awareness and energy in all four directions, above, below, front, back is going to
awaken and connect the inner being, the inner knowingness of who you are.


You are going to read a text called ‘Planet Mura Download’ and you are going to receive an invitation of creative exploration and questions. You may receive an Impulse of just sitting down and writing everything inone big breath, uninterrupted, in complete flow, like you’re crushing it, you’re smashing the keyboard buttons on your laptop, or you’re colliding all the creativity against the blank welcoming pages mesmerized by all the words.Or you may receive an impulse to close your eyes and take a few seconds of intended decision to empty yourprocesses in your whole being and mind, put your mind aside, empty your energy loads and just align to theflow, and get into a complete receiving mode.Or you may receive an impulse to meditate for a few brief minutes, and suddenly, you receive an impulse toget out of meditation and get a pen and paper or smash the computer keyboard with your writing. When youget the impulse and get the download, just write down what you get with no thinking, no analysing, nocorrecting the words, no structure, fully attuned into receiving.Either way, and any way, we have had dozens of wonderful downloads that people just tap into just by hearingthe words Planet Mura.
Planet Mura has catalysed people into starting a sentence and continuing with a whole book or a vision. Planet
Mura has put information in the hands of people that whispered “I don’t know” when first asked why they
came here, or what their role is on planet earth.
Planet Mura is a miracle Download Space that we don’t fully understand yet, but that came in here, by the
grace of the consciousness that is here to participate and lead the awakening and the new earth.