In this section we are going to give you actionable things to do so that you can start taking control of your environment. So that you can start creating the ideal environment to bring you to your next breakthrough.

But why should I master my environment?

Now we are going to take a look at your environment. Because since the beginning of mankind our environment has had one of the biggest if not the biggest influence of all on our lifes and evolution.
But still this is one of the most underestimated topics. We all know by our own experience and what we see around us how much influence our parents had on us. But as adults we seem to forget this somehow and totally underestimate it.


That parents have a tremendous effect on us as kids is already pretty clear. But what about the people that you now spend your time with? This or last week…?




















Just try for once and add up the Time that you spend together with a person, that you meet on average for about 4 hours every Month.

Lets say you got to know this person in your thirties and you meet keep meeting that person for around 20 years.

4 hours/Month
= 48 hours/Year
= 960 hours in 20 years
Which will then add up to, lets say you have 12 hours of your day to spend your time freely, taking in account eating and other mandatory things.

That means it adds up to 80 Days!

That is nearly 3 Months of your time. First of all if I would tell you now, you get a free holiday for 80 Days in a beautiful remote place, but you are going to have to spend the whole time with person X, you would defnietly have a thought about it and most likely you would not do that with everyone of the people you are currently spending time with.














Just be more aware of this. And this is not only about what influence that person has on you over the time, It´s about how much joy and happiness you actually feel and experience. Just being aware of this will make you think.

You probably read already that you are the sum of the 5 People that you spend most of your time with. And you probably never actually took action on this. Why? Because you didn't want to step out of your comfort zone, because you didn't actually took it that serious or whatever other reasons. But this is so important and without further saying anything furter lets get into action!