We all want to be successful in our lifes, with whatever we want to achive or do. The intention behind every action we take is, being successful at it . Even picking up the fork and eating some food.

Let us take this very rudimentary example a bit further...

When we take a look at this example and ask ourselves, why do I pick up the fork? The answer is easy, because I want or need to nurture my body. How do I do that?  By picking up some food with my fork and sticking it into my mouth. So that afterwards my body can process the food and gets nurtured and my appetite is satisfied. This is very logical, but think of it a minute. As much clarity for a Goal/Vision we have when it comes to eating something it is not common to have this amount of clarity when we look at our lifes.

Many just follow some idea given by the media, our parents, friends or someone else. But not actually what we really desire.

What is it that will actually matters to you in the end of your life? Is it the balance on your bank account? What cars you have driven? Is it maybe how your CV looks? Or is it maybe something more fundamental?

Action 1.1

Imagine you would now lay on your death bed now. What did actually matter to you? What where the most important moments for you? What is it that you would want to experience again?




Action 1.2

What are the things that you regret?




For many people that is something they have allways dreamed about but never gotten to actually do it. 

Yes that thing that most are just fantacising about and think of it as some utopie. Allthough we all know and have seen people do things, that nobody believed would be possible.

The most important aspect of actually achieving this Utopie (what ever that is in your case) seems to be the ability to actually believe it is possible, believe you can.

This is one things all great leaders, innovators, geniuses have. And even though if you look at what the so to speak greatest people in history have done and then on what many people, maybe YOU, envisoun this is just a fraction of that. It is maybe something someone you know has done. But still there is no believe in it. We often don´t even dare to even try.

How about we start today. Start to believe, not only in ourselfs but in everyone. Imagine how many genuises, movements and innovations we have allready missed. Just because we didn´t belive in ourselfs. Just because we didn´t believe in our friends, partner, neighbour or stranger.

How about we start today. Start to believe, not only in ourselfs but in everyone. Think about how the world could look right now. Where you would be sitting right now. What you would be doing...

Let us start and create this like everything comes into creation, just like all the great minds did it. It starts with a thought, a thought that grows bigger and becomes a dream. The dream becomes a vision and then finally something happens. It starts to manifest in a physical form, a decision is taken and the first action starts. Thats all it needs.

And now forget for a while any of your intentions and let us invite you to Planet Mura...