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Most people already understand that we are not limited to this physical body. Everything there is is interconnected and consist out of Energy. And everything is here and now. Everything is One or how it is stated in the Bible everything is God. But for the One to experience itself, it needs a reference point. Because you can not have an experience if there is nothing but you. No space to object just non existence and you. There would be no way to determine that you are moving right or left or up and down, because you can´t relate it to anything. So the only way the One to have an experience of itself is to experience parts of itself in relation to each other. For example as a You or Me, the flower, the bee, the rock and everything else. God resides in all of us (Bible)

There are infinite parallel universes that exist at the same time. Time is an illusion. Time actually doesn´t exist

But then how come we seem to perceive time? Our Consciousness, shifts millions of times every second threw Parralel Universes. In and of it self every parallel universe is like a picture. No movement at all. Our Concisousness shifts threw all of these and then creates the continuity and the perception that we perceive as time. Just like a Video that consists out of millions of individual pictures.

On a higher level above only physical reality we have the non physical reality. This is where our “Higher Self” is. The part of us that is aware of the beautiful and expansive being that we actually are. You might also refer to this as Soul. That which lives on beyond our physical body. Which people experience in near death experiences.


As we mentioned before, everything is connected. Means we are at no means only limited in this physical experience to only us the small part of us that is here in physical form.

Each and everyone of us has this driving force inside. The force to become more, to expand and maybe create. In whatever shape or form that might be. So is it possible to do this with our fullness. So that we can expand and grow much further. How can we use this power that resides inside all of as? How can we use our connection to everything to become more of our true selfs? Experience happiness, excitement, curiosity and joy on a consistent basis, in everything we do. Without letting it be just an occasional thing that happens to us when we meditate.


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